Meet Jawan! Jawan was born with crack cocaine in his system and is very hard for the teachers and staff at his special ed school to handle. Well, Mr. O just got a new job and doesn't know what he is in for. Everyone that works at All Saints Preparatory School isn't there just because they love the kids and want to help them with their diagnosis of bi-polar, ADHD, Schitzoprenia, Asbergers and more! Let's take a look and see what goes on behind the scenes and some of the special education schools in America. Special is the New Normal is based on true stories and you will be edutained as some of the kids are not just "emotionally disturbed" but genius and hilarious! Written by Kamal Imani"for Bless the Mic Ciphers LLC/RevolutionaryArt Films Jawan and his classmates seem to be driving the teachers crazy. Can Mr. O handle him? Is Mr. Hershey bullying him and violating the schools code of conduct? Does anyone really want to be there? Let's see what happens next on Special is the New Normal! Look Out for Special is the New Normal TV and Web Series on Bless The Mic TV MNN4 (channels in Manhattan, NY: Spectrum67 RCN85 FIOS36 and livestream on click onMNN4) Bronxnet Saturdays 1:00 AM Oakland NJ area channel 76, Bergen County 77, Morris County 21 Sat 10-11 am Also Toronto Canada and various social media #specialisthenewnormalmovie

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You gotta get up pretty early in the morning to put one over on the Crisis Team at All Saints Preparatory School, but of course Jawan (G Swiss) and Victoria (Actress Caroline Fernandes) are gonna test the system. Actors LilBigbro, Ronald St. Cyr, Alan G-Man and Jazzy Lamel are working security as part of the crisis team. Standard Deviation Movie and TV Series Coming Soon! instagram @standarddeviationmovie *This is just the beginning of what goes on at this school! *You aint seen nothing yet! #standarddeviationmovie

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